The Aging Man is a character from a changing portrait in the various Haunted Mansions.


The portrait initially represents a healthy, beautiful young man. However, as the guests look at it, it progressively begins to age in front of their very eyes. In about a minute, the young man is dead, and all that is left is a still-decaying corpse with blazing, haunting eyes.

In the parksEdit

In the Disneyland Haunted Mansion, the portrait is next to the other Changing Portraits in the gallery. On the contrary, it is located above the fireplace in the Foyer of the Mansion at Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland.


The Aging Man portrait was inspired by the Portrait of Dorian Gray, as in the novel of the same name by Oscar Wilde (some fans believe the character to actually be Dorian Gray himself, though that is unconfirmed). Its prominent position in the Foyer (coupled with the information that in original concepts, the Ghost Host was supposed to talk from a bust of himself located above the fireplace, and introducing himself as "the Master of the House") has led to many fans believing that this portrait was that of the former "Master of the House", and very likely of the Ghost Host himself. Fans have also associated this composite character with "Master Gracey," a name on a Tombstone in the family plot, based on an inccorect interpretation of the term "master", which was meant o, the 19th century usage of the term for a male too young to be called "mister". In spite of its uncanonicity, the dual link found its way into various merchandising items, and the Aging Man was used as the basis for the appearance of "Master Gracey" when he officially appeared, in the SLG comics and in the 2003 film.


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