Alexander Nitrokoff

Alexander Nitrokoff is one of the 999 ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion. His portrait is one of the four that hangs in the Stretching Room.


Based on his portrait, in life he appeared to be a middle-aged Caucasian man in his fifties, with a full beard & a balding hairstyle, wearing half a tuxedo with a red sash going from his right shoulder to his left hip (which might suggest he was the mayor of his place). Waist down, he does not wear slacks, revealing his red & white undershorts. On his feet, he wears purple socks, black shoes & white shoe coverings.

As the Stretching Room transforms, his painting elongates to reveal an impending absurd fate: standing on a dynamite barrel with the fuse lit.


Not much is known about Alexander, save that the painting of his "corruptible mortal state" attests to the current presence of his spirit in the mansion. It is possible that, in life, he was was a resident of the house, but this is speculation.

The most likely interpretation of the painting is that it is an allegory of the futility of power, just like the Quicksand Men are the allegory of the futility of money, and the Tightrope Walker an allegory of the futility of beauty, as all three do not stop death. From that, it can be assumed that Alexander Nitrokoff was a politician. 

However, an alternate interpretation was given in an old version of the Ghost Host's spiel written by X. Atencio, where the Host would tell us more about the biography of the Stretching Portrait characters; in this version, he was "an ambassador who came to us with a bang one night." 

Appearances in other mediaEdit

SLG comicsEdit

The Dynamite Guy appears in the story A Dynamite Party. In this version, his name is Steven. Also, he has a crazy wife named Edith & the slip in his paper was an invitation to a party.

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