Ambrose Gracey is a character in The Legend of Gracey Manor, the backstory for the mansion in the 2003 film.


Ambrose Gracey was a sea captain who built Gracey Manor. He married Juliet Desmoulins and fathered George Gracey. Ambrose was also the grandfather of Edward Gracey.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ambrose Gracey's being a sea captain is inspired by the old backstory involving Bartholomew Gore that the Imagineers had created as a possible backstory for the Mansion and the Ghost Host before dismissing it, which nonetheless survived as the Mariner character (and his Culpepper Clyne expansion), as well as inspiring the backstory of the SLG comics' Master Gracey and that of the Ghost Host in Nuptial Doom: The Bride in the Attic.

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