Haunted mansion knight
The Beheaded Knight is a notorious ghost from the Haunted Mansion.


The ghost of a beheaded knight stands next to his ghostly executioner in the graveyard scene, holding his singing head in an extended hand. The knight sings in a German accent, suggesting he is a Germanic knight.


  • His voice was provided by Ernie Newton.
  • In the 2003 film, the knight makes a brief appearance in the graveyard, picking up his head from a basket while another ghost kneels down to be decapitated by the executioner.
  • The knight appears in the video game, but has a British accent and was was beheaded by guillotine rather than the executioner's axe. He is one of the main "friendly ghosts" who gives Zeke a soul gem after completing a level.
  • In the Holiday version of the ride, he also has a British accent instead of German, similar to the video game.
  • In the activity book Build Your Own Haunted Mansion (released in conjunction with the 2003 film), the knight was named Galahad.
  • In the SLG comics, his name is given as Fred.
  • His appearance by the opera ghosts was a visual gag based on the expression "A night at the opera".
  • His being beheaded could be a reference to the classic story The Beheading Game which means that the knight could be intended to be the spirit of Sir Gawain from Arthurian legend.

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