Bloodmere Manor was a haunted manor that was considered to be the setting of the Disneyland version of the ride.


In a version of Ken Anderson's early drafts Bloodmere Manor was to have been a hundred year-old Antebellum mansion that had been moved to Disneyland to be the cornerstone of New Orleans Square. This would have been the lakeside estate of the unfortunate Blood family. It had a tragic and bloody history of unlucky owners who died sudden and violent deaths, which resulted in their unhappy ghosts remaining behind to fulfill the uncompleted missions of their lives. The Disneyland construction crew planned to completely restore the manor to its original Dixieland splendor but playful spooks constantly undermined their efforts by breaking windows, hiding tools, trashing furniture, and smashing walls. It got to a point were one worker was accidentally walled up inside the house. The work on the house was later be abandoned, with the mansion in a state of limbo between finished and unfinished. 

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