Bluebeard is one of the ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion.




Bluebeard, who died in 1440, was a wealthy but murderous man, who killed six out of his seven wives (Penelope, Abigail, Anastasia, Prudence, Phœbe and Eugenia) from 1434 to 1439. Eventually however, his seventh wife, Lucretia, saw through his pretenses and killed him instead.

Bluebeard's ghost eventually moved to the Haunted Mansion (as one of the "famous ghosts from all over the world"), bringing his burial crypt with him; it was added to the Mansion's graveyard, where it can currently be seen.


  • Bluebeard bears strong similarities to the character of Captain Gore, as they were both wealthy murderers who killed their wives after the wives discovered that their husbands were secretly criminals, something which they learned by exploring a room which their husbands forbid them to enter. In the Ghost Gallery story, Bluebeard was even said to have been a pirate captain.
  • The original fairy tale character was implied to be French, based on the traditional Bluebeard fairy tale. However, judging from the name of his wives and the fact that his epitaph is written in Old English, the setting seems to have been changed to England in this version.
  • The aforementioned Old English is a faulty recreation based on clichés ("lyeth" would be a singular, and cannot be used with "Loving Wives" as the grammatical subject).
  • The wife who killed Bluebeard is named Lucretia, which might be a reference to Lucretia Borgia, a historical figure known for having murdered many of her relatives.
  • He is very similar to Constance Hatchaway, as both are murderers, both had many spouses, and both killed most of their spouses. Also in the original fairy tale, Bluebeard murdered his wives via decapitation.
  • In concept art for Tokyo Disneyland's Haunted Mansion his tomb was going to be featured in a "Burial Crypt of Famous Villains" along with those of Nero, Dracula, Jack the Ripper, Medusa, and Attila.
  • Bluebeard's appearance in the attraction is possibly a reference to a never built Pirates of the Caribbean themed shop intended to have been built in New Orleans Square which would have been called Bluebeard's Den.
  • In the unofficial Ghost Gallery storyline, Bluebeard was said to have been a notorious pirate who's tomb was stolen by aspiring pirate Francis Xavier and his captain Whitebeard in the late 18th century.