The Bride is a ghost figure seen in the attic of the Haunted Mansion


In the climax of the Attic scene, in all versions of the ride, the guests are faced with the ominous figure of a ghost bride. The character has greatly varied over the years; the first incarnation was corpselike, had a beating heart and held a candle and a bouquet; she was originally described as the Hatbox Ghost's love interest, and was possibly his murderer (or possibly the motivation of her murderer). This Bride was removed and replaced by a version who,instead of having a corpse face, had no face at all,and instead only had glowing yellow eyes in a shadowlike face. This Bride became the classical model, but was replaced in the 1990's with a character that had a visible face and was clearly melancholy and tragic (whereas the previous two versions were ambiguous). After this one came a version with greenish skin and a wild, flowing hairstyle, and then yet another version who had once more glowing eyes, the face obscured by a thick wedding veil. Finally, in 2006, the "Beating Heart" element, as well as the implied tragic backstory, were scrapped to make way for a completely new Bride character who warrants her own page, Constance Hatchaway.


  • She possibly draws inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe's the Telltale Heart where a man murders an older man and hides the corpse in the floorboards but he is driven insane by the beating of the heart under the floor which no one but him can hear. 
  • The Bride currently used in the Tokyo Disneyland Haunted Mansion is not Constance, but still a Beating Heart model; she has a visible face and glowing eyes and is light purple rather than bluish. 
  • The "Beating Heart" version of the character was called that on the blueprints, though most fans referred to her as "Beating Heart Bride" instead. By contrast, Constance is nicknamed the "Black Widow Bride".
  • If all "Beating Heart" versions are taken as a single character, the tragic Bride character that results is often referred to as "Emily". This name has first been used in the Ghost Gallery (as "Emily Cavanaugh"); adopted in countless fanfictions, it also made its way into the SLG comics, where she is Emily de Claire. However, the two other official names given to the Bride do not include "Emily" (namely Sally Little and Elizabeth Henshaw).
  • The Bride is a very prominent character in Phantom Manor, where she is given a name (Mélanie Ravenswood) and a backstory not unlike the fan-made ones given to "Emily".
  • Some fans consider that there were only two different bride characters, the "Beating Heart" version (Emily) and the "Black Widow" version (Constance). Meanwhile, others see all different designs as separate Bride characters.
  • Oddly, official merchandise tends to depict Constance with a visible beating heart like the earlier models; she was supposed to have it in concept art, but it was scrapped.
  • It is possible that she still appears in the Disneyland mansion as the little known travelling light effect where at night you can see an orange flickering candlelights pass by the windows on the inside of the mansion on the second story.
  • An engagement ring which is commonly believed to have been hers is stuck in the pavement outside of the Liberty Square Haunted Mansion. Originally it was only the last remnant of a removed turnstile which used to be present at the mansion but it developed such a following that when they refurbished the outdoor queue they replaced it with a much more delicate and elegant looking ring.

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The Bride appears makes a cameo appearance in an episode of House of Mouse.

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