The 6 Thunderstorm Portraits
The Changing Portraits are six specific haunted paintings that hang in the Haunted Mansion, with different locations depending on where they are. Each one starts as one image, but transform into another, more sinister or macabre image before reverting to its original state.

List of charactersEdit

  1. April-December: A young lady (April) who morphs into a decrepit old woman (December)
  2. The Flying Dutchman: A clipper ship, which becomes a ghost ship with tattered sails on a stormy sea.
  3. Medusa: Morphing from a young woman into a stony Gorgon.
  4. The Black Prince: A knight on horseback, named on concept art as the Black Prince, where both horse and rider morph into glowing skeletons.
  5. The Werecat Lady: A beautiful woman reclining on a sofa, transforming into a panther (or, after renovation, into a white tiger).
  6. The Aging Man: A handsome nobleman who flashes into a skeleton in a rotting suit.

In the rides Edit

Disneyland Edit

At Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, the changing portraits hang in the Portrait Corridor, across from a large set of windows looking out on a stormy night. As lightning flashes outside, the paintings flicker into grotesque and monstrous images.

Originally, the paintings flashed between phases; the effect was later changed to a morphing, and recently back into flashing. The portraits present there were originally 1 to 5, but April-December was removed and replaced with a version of the Aging Man portrait, who was not present in the Disneyland Mansion at all beforehand.

Walt Disney World Edit

In Walt Disney World, the Aging Man's portrait is found hanging above a fireplace in the foyer. Instead of just going back and forth between "Young" and "Skeleton", the portrait goes through several phases as the Ghost Host speaks, growing older and older until he is nothing but a skeleton. The remaining portraits are mounted in the Portrait Corridor like in Disneyland.

Disneyland Paris Edit

Phantom Manor's portraits slowly shift back and forth from one image to the other, creating a "disquieting metamorphasis". The Aging Man portrait and April-December are not there.

Other Appearances Edit

Disney Kingdoms Edit

In the Disney Kingdoms Haunted Mansion comics, several of those ghouls emerge from their frames and attack Danny when he first sets foot in the mansion. They all manifest as their transformed states, and all do the bidding of the Captain; they are led by the Black Prince (referred to as "the Horseman" by the Werecat Lady)


  • The portrait of the Aging Man is often thought to depict the Master of the House, due to its prominent position in the Walt Disney World version of the ride. This character is also identified to Master Gracey, whose tombstone can be seen outside of the Walt Disney World mansion. 
  • Originally, when the Mansion opened in Disneyland in 1969, the woman on the couch was dressed in white and turned into a black panther. When the paintings were redone in 2006, she is now dressed in black and turn into a white tiger. Her portrait was added to Walt Disney World in 2007, where she also changes into a tiger. Phantom Manor still has the slow morph effect, and she still changes into a panther.
  • In Disneyland, April/December was made first, but then the master of the house took her place in 2005. In Walt Disney World & Tokyo Disneyland, however, both portraits are still there, but not in the thunderstorm hallway; the master is in the entrance over the fireplace aging his face off as usual, while December was part of the Sinister 11. At Walt Disney World, she hangs on the wall of the staircase, next to the Couple, and at Tokyo Disneyland, her eyes still glow and follow Doombuggies down the Portrait Hall.
  • They are very similar to Walt Disney World & Tokyo Disneyland's Haunted Mansion's Sinister 11 portraits.

Refused Changing PortraitsEdit

Portraits that were painted but ultimately not installed include:

  • The Burning Miser: An old miser burns to death, and is replaced on his armchair by a “SOLD" sign put there by a grinning Devil.
  • Daphne: A beautiful young woman is turned into a tree.
  • Dracula: The titular vampire turns into a giant bat.
  • Rasputin: The psychic's eyes progressively grow, eventually joining each other into a giant eye.

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