The Children’s Room is a room used primarily for children to sleep in. It is here where Zeke finally goes toe-to-toe against the mysterious Dark Reaper in The Haunted Mansion (Video Game).

Description Edit

Some Evil Spirits, one Skeleton Warriors. After, another Skeleton Warrior, some Evil Spirits. So, prepare the ultra shots once Zeke enters the door. Once he approaches the other door at the end, a Skeleton Warrior and a Banshee. A Bravery Tonic at the second window on the right side before the next door. Open the door in front to get inside the small room and close the door behind Zeke. Then the chase may begin! Madame Leota will give Zeke clues for every intersection. If Zeke is slashed he gets sent outside the door. Run straight, a Bravery Tonic at the end, then turn left. Continue running, jump over the hole, next turn right Zeke, watch out for another hole, turn left, watch out for the hole, another hole, left, immediate hole, turn right, immediate left, hole, turn right. A Bravery Tonic at the end. "ups sorry wrong turn"Go straight then turn right, Fortune Card. The next door is to the previous room. Once opened, the road behind Zeke is closed by the wall and when Zeke reaches outside of the closet, the Dark Ripper will bang on the door and stabs through it then it telekinetically rips it apart. It becomes visible again so it can go up against Zeke. When the entity is beaten, the lights will turn on immediately. Collect the spirits from 3 beds.

Friendly Ghosts Edit

British Ghost Edit

A british ghost with a top hat who is drinking tea appears but is a very complicated type when it comes to conversations. He claims that he maybe stupid but not as old as he looks but switches it out, as he noticed he messed up. On the second time, he tries to establish himself as a figure of authority, but his timid nature got the better of him.

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