Haunted mansion coffin1
The Coffin Occupant is the undead corpse trapped in a coffin in the Conservatory


The ghost is trapped in a long, black coffin. Gnarled hands grasp the end, pushing the lid up in an attempt to escape. Several jagged nails protrude from the coffin's lid.


As the guests arrive in the Conservatory through their Doombuggies, the Ghost Host warns them that "unfortunately, they [the happy haunts] all seem to have trouble getting through.  Perhaps Madame Leota can establish contact; she has a remarkable head for materializing the disembodied." The Coffin Occupant's inability to leave his mortal remains and wander free from the coffin demonstrates this, as he desperately calls the guests for help: "Lemme out of here ! Lemme out ! Lemme out ! Lemme out of here !". Following which, the guests move on to the Séance Room, where their presence and "sympathetic vibrations" allow the ghosts to finally materialize. By this point, the Coffin Occupant is presumably freed.

Possible IdentitiesEdit


  • The Coffin Occupant was voiced by Imagineer X. Atencio, who gave an elderly, sympathetic tone to his plea. In the Story and Song from the Haunted Mansion record, on the other hand, he sounds much creepier and more low-pitched, almost monstrous.
  • The character inspired the Mausoleum Crypt scene from the 2003 film adoption wherein the protagonists are attacked by its undead residents. The key-bearing corpse lying in a coffin located at the center of the crypt is a nod to the Coffin Occupant.


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