The Conservatory is room having glass roofing and walls used as a greenhouse or a sunroom is located on the far right side of the mansion and it is the third room to be unlocked in The Haunted Mansion (Video Game). Here is where the instruments and books come to life.

Description Edit

Right off the bat, a sworm of Spiders and Evil Spirits close in for the kill, so Zeke must deal with the enemies. To the left, there is a Fortune Card. To the right, there is Bravery Tonic and another on top of the piano. Activate the piano to wake up the books, so they can form a platform for Zeke to navigate across just don't stick around too long, but beware of the fall and that Giant Spider crawling across the window. When you reach the second floor/terrace, activate the violin. This will result in changing course of the platform to the next Terrace on the opposite. A set of steel stairs is also attached to the first terrace just in case Zeke needs to redo the platform. On the first terrace there is a Fortune Card. On the next platform to the second terrace, there can be Evil Spirits in that section. On the 1st floor, there are several spiders crawling under Zeke's position. Once Zeke reach the terrace, three spiders are waiting there for Zeke. Take the stairs to the second terrace and get the Fortune Card. Activate the violin on the other corner to continue with the third and final platform. At the end, zeke must sneak in between books. Moving to the left and right in order to block his moves. Once there, turn on the lights, then a pair of side stairs are immediately attached seconds after. Zeke will find that there is Mumbo Doll on the third terrace and there is also a left over Bravery Tonic on top of the table on the first floor, but beware of the spiders. Facing to the piano, third terrace, in a vase on the left and another potted plant under the second right terrace both hide spirits, two vases also hide spirits to collect. One of them has a fragment of a certificate which completes the Duelist's Death Certificate, much to Leota's amazement.

Friendly Ghosts Edit

Phantom Five Edit

  1. Trumpet Ghost: The ghost seems to only talk about repeating their song again only from the left.
  2. Bagpipe Ghost: This ghost displays a scottish accent too heavy to be comprehended.
  3. Harp Ghost: The apparition pleads for more cow bells.
  4. Flute Ghost: This spirit also wants more cow bell...
  5. Drum Ghost: The ghost tells the group to try again and to keep up. It also advices them to tap their foot so they could feel something.