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"We'll live happily ever after...
Till death do us part...
Here comes the bride...
As long as we both...shall live...
For better or for...worse...
I do...I did...
In sickness and in...wealth...
You may now kiss the bride..."

Constance Hatchaway, also known as the Black Widow Bride is one of the ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion.


During her lifetime, Constance married and murdered at least 5 wealthy men. She beheaded her suitors with a hatchet and claimed their wealth as a widow, before moving on to the next husband.

Her husbands (in order) are as follows:

It was through her last husband, one of the multitude of owners of the Haunted Mansion, that she came to live in the house, where she grew old and died unpunished. Her ghost, as well as those of her husbands, now haunt the Attic of the Haunted Mansion.


On the rideEdit

Originally, Constance's only appearance in the ride was as one of the Stretching Portraits. When the guests enter the room, only the top of the portrait is visible; it depicts her as an old woman, holding a rose with a romantic smile on her face. As the room stretches down, the lower part of the painting becomes visible, revealing that Constance is actually sitting on the tombstone of her former husband George Hightower, whose bust shows that she brutally murdered him with a hatchet.

However, in 2006, the Attic scene of the Disneyland mansion was updated, and the Beating Heart Bride was replaced by Constance, whose ghost appears in young form, dressed as a bride (the Walt Disney World version of the ride would soon receive the same addition). The Attic is now filled by numerous dusty items she received as wedding gifts from her five husbands. No longer fearing the law since she's dead, she makes no secret of her crimes and recites twisted wedding vows while wielding her dreaded hatchet as the guests move past her, giggling at her own jokes.

Disney Kingdoms comicsEdit

Constance is a major antagonist in the Disney Kingdoms storyline. As one of the few ghosts of the mansion who actually died on the property, she has some measure of influence over the spectral powers of the house; this allows her to permanently chop the head off a ghost's ethereal body, a fate the Captain is eager to avoid. For that purpose, he sends Danny Crowe in the Attic to find his treasure instead of going himself. There, Danny comes face-to-face with Constance, who asks him to be her new groom, revealing that her five crimes were actually neither about the money or the men -- she just liked weddings. Ultimately, it is Constance who defeats the Captain by decapitating his ghost with her hatchet. 

When introducing Constance to Danny, Captain Gore reveals some details (told to the reader in the form of a flashback), notably that Constance lived with her mother, who never knew about Constance's crimes. The Captain also states that his personal theory is that Constance was killed by her sixth husband, not long after the murder of George Hightower. This is, however, unlikely, given that Constance was shown much older in her Stretching Portrait.

Merchandise Edit

A wave of Constance merchandise has come out (a plush, a t-shirt, and many pins) although, understandably less products are made for her than for The Hitchhiking Ghosts or the Hatbox Ghost.

Video GamesEdit

The Haunted Mansion: The Black Widow BrideEdit

She appears in the online game where she has a noticeable beating heart like the previous brides (probably an error of the developers, or possibly a deliberate will to retcon all the Beating Heart Brides into having been Constance all along). Her skeleton can be faintly seen through her body in the title screen.

Epic MickeyEdit

In Epic Mickey, Horace Horsecollar asks Mickey to help him solve a mystery by searching for evidence in Lonesome Manor. The item is hidden in a chest in the attic, and turns out to be Constance's hatchet. When he gets it, Horace is excited as this is the definite proof that Constance, who used to be the Lady of the manor, did kill all of her husbands.


  • Constance replaced the "Beating Heart" Bride in 2006 in Anaheim, CA and in 2007 in Orlando, Florida.
  • It is heavily implied that the old woman seen in a portrait in the Stretching Room is actually Constance which was painted later in her life, though an early script for the attraction named this character "Abigale Patecleaver;" it has been suggested that this was an alias chosen by Constance to marry one (or several) of her husbands to avoid him/them finding out that she'd already been married before.
  • The character was portrayed by Julia Lee, both in the photographs and the projection, and voiced by an American voice actress, Kat Cressida.
  • Though Constance never makes a direct appearance in the Ghost Post interactive game, her presence is felt in the greater story, as evidenced by a conversation heard between the Hitchhiking Ghosts over the Phantom Radio about her (with Gus wildly swinging around a hatchet as they do). It is also very heavily implied that Constance is behind the "Aunt Agony" advice section of the Grim Gazette, since the author makes frequent allusions to having had multiple husbands who died under unusual circumstances.
  • Constance appears in a short stage show at the Disney Parks that was held as a hard ticket event for the Haunted Mansion's 40th anniversary. The show was about her demise and shed some light upon the subject, but was gleefully inconsistent with the Stretching Portrait, since it featured her dying pretty young. It is generally considered non-canonical due to this.
  • When deciphered, her name means "Constantly Hatching Away", hatching referring to the use of Constance's hatchet.


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