Cod door

A bulging door in the Corridor of Doors

The Corridor of Doors is one of the areas of the Haunted Mansion.

In the rideEdit

Normal rideEdit

As guests ride backwards through the corridor, doors on the left and right make sounds, as if something is trying to get out. Doors bend, as if they are breathing, knockers clack and rattle, and the walls are adorned with some "family potraits" of corpses. At the end of the hall lies a grandfather clock, with its arms spinning wildly backwards and the clock striking 13. A shadow of a clawed hand passes over the face of the clock.

Holiday versionEdit

As guests float backwards down the hall, the doors on either side, just like the normal ride, make strange groans and shrieks, like someone on the other side wants to get out. The halls are covered in garlands and each door has a wreath and skull at the top. In the middle of the hall lies a vicious, man-eating wreath, with garland tentacles reaching out to the walls and two arms outstretched at passing guests. Small flowers sprout from it, singing Kidnap the Sandy Claws.

Trivia Edit

  • Imagineers have cited Robert Wise's 1963 film The Haunting as a key inspiration for various parts of the Haunted Mansion, particularly in the Corridor of Doors. Elements like the faces in the wallpaper and the breathing door were taken from the movie.

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