The Dining Room is typically a room for eating meals in The Haunted Mansion (Video Game). However, it comes to no surprise that when the light switch is turned on, the candles suddenly come to life.

Description Edit

Once it starts, Zeke must clear out the room to get to the switch up above. At the end center there is Fortune Card and another Fortune Card is near the stairs on the second floor. A Banshee and a Spider are there too. Go up the stairs and there will be another spider, just step on it. Then activate the light switch, but then, the candles start to fly away. Pick up Fortune Card that's there and activate the handle to get the deck of cards inside the hidden room. Go back to the other way and jump across the fence to a platform outside. Go around it, Zeke will get a Fortune Card, two Bravery Tonics, and a Mumbo Doll. It is safer to go down by stairs. Shoot the Spiders waiting outside. Now, catch/touch all the candles with the Beacon to turn it on or use the candle. Next, place it to the chandelier on top of the long table to restore them to their holders. Now, look for the shriveled souls that are in two tables,and a pot on the upper floor. When all souls are collected, Zeke should already have all the pieces for the Organist's Death Certificate and Leota will praise Zeke, if that's so.

Friendly Ghosts Edit

Birthday Ghost Edit

The spook is seen on the far left side of the table alnoe, making up wishes for her birthday such as wealth and hapiness. She then adds that she wishes to celebrate many birthdays with all. In her second interaction, she wishes that next year, she doesn't get forced to make wishes for something before eating the cake.

Great Caesar's Ghost Edit

On the first interaction, the emperor ghost is heard responding to a warning that he's in danger of his own subjects, but laughs it off, stating that they're underestimating their loyalty. In the second interaction, he declares all of his stuff, will be to who ever he is talking to.

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