"Only many years later, did I come to understand, how on that dreary October afternoon when I first opened the door to that "Haunted Mansion"... I had opened the door to the rest of my life" - Zeke Holloway

Ezekiel "Zeke" Holloway is the main character and protagonist of The Haunted Mansion (Videogame). He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Early life Edit

Zeke was presumably born in New Orleans, Louisiana somewhere around the 1850's or the 1860's during the American Civil War. Sadly, his father perished in the war and his mother disappeared around the same time, leaving the young Zeke deserted and on his own. During his early years, he met and lived with several caretakers and at some point was left on his own again to pursue a career. Though his true passion was writing and dreamed of becoming a reputable writer, his lack of any enchanting experience became a huge setback for his dream and had to focus on different jobs for now. A seemingly endless struggle to find employment eventually leads him to discover a newspaper advertisement that provides a job as an assistant caretaker to a mansion in close proximity, an offer that is too good for him to pass on.

Prologue Edit

On October 17 1879, Zeke finds this mansion in the cold and dreary outskirts of New Orleans. As he opens the gates, he slowly strides towards the estates and gazes at the unfamiliar landscape with discomfort. When he finally arrives, the door opens before he could knock, making passage for Zeke to go in. Zeke examins the mansion, but fails to notice a group of ghosts who argue over his appearance and his worth right above him. As a result, when the ghosts appear before him, it prompts Zeke to faint in horror much to the ghost's disappointment.

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