The portrait of the Flying Dutchman can be found in the Portrait Corridor of the Haunted Mansion and Phantom Manor. The painting, depicting a three-masted vessel on calm seas, transforms into a ship with tattered sails in the midst of a squall. The artwork is inspired by a piece of Marc Davis concept art depicting a ship that not only grew stormy, but also with ghosts coming out of it.

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Folklore Edit

Legend has it that the Flying Dutchman was the name of a ship that sailed over 300 years ago. According to the legend, the ship was attempting to make its way around the Cape of Good Hope when it was beaten back by storms. The ship's captain - referred to as "Vanderdecken" in many of the stories - supposedly pushed the crew to keep sailing despite the treacherous seas, vowing that he would not stop until he made it 'round the Cape and cursing the powers-that-be for trying to halt him. The ship was eventually lost in the tempest, but Vanderdecken held true to his promise; some say that the ghost of the Flying Dutchman still sails the seas near the Cape, and whoever sees this apparition will be cursed with a streak of bad luck.

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