The Foyer is the entrance hall of the mansion and the second room Zeke unlocks in The Haunted Mansion (Video Game) where the staircases that lead to the light switches fall upon contact, leaving only one option, to use the two paintings to reach the top.

Description Edit

Now in the Foyer, there is an old Grandfather Clock on the other side where Zeke can save his progress. One slot only to be overwritten unless Zeke wants to create a new game data that he must go back to the Menu Screen and then choose new game. There are two side stairs, both will be collapsed when Zeke is stepping on it. The left one has no item. The right one has one Fortune Card, but then Zeke must defend against three small hideous spiders. Actually, Zeke can just step on them and crush them (Or just run away and activate the picture next to the Great Hall door but Zeke sooner or later may need to deal with them!) Move to the crooked painting next to the door to the Great Hall, straighten it and get sucked into the painting. Walk down the path until Zeke gets to the upper level. When Zeke gets out of the painting, go to the right, passing the Game Room, crush a spider. Then go to the Light switch which is opposite of an painting of an old man. Now you are at the centre, shoot out some Evil Spirits. Turn on the lights. By the Game room, there's an upside down candlestick, when Zeke fixes it, an alcove opens to reveal an card deck. Continue down the balcony and release the spirits from the vase. Collect those. Go to the other side and do the same. One of the spirits has a Death Certificate fragment. Go back downstairs and collect the spirits from the two sofas.

Friendly Ghosts Edit

Pickwick Edit

A ghost appears on top of the chandelier, drunkenly swinging on the lights and cracking jokes about falling off the chandelier.

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