"Requiescat Francis Xavier
No time off for good behavior
―Francis Xavier's tombstone

In the family plot of the Haunted Mansion is a tombstone for Francis Xavier. The tombstone is one of the original eight tombstones at the Disneyland Mansion and also appears at Disney World's Mansion. The tombstone alludes that the character of Francis Xavier died in a prison although the specifics are not known. Francis was likely a good friend or relative of the family which owned the Mansion.

Trivia Edit

  • The tombstone is a tribute to Francis Xavier "X" Atencio who wrote the script for the Haunted Mansion and the lyrics for Grim Grinning Ghosts.
  • Chauncey Xavier's tombstone in Tokyo Disneyland has the same epitaph.
  • In the Servant's Quarters at the DisneyWorld Haunted Mansion, there is a bell for Ambassador Xavier's Lounging Lodge which either means that Francis Xavier was either an ambassador or related to an ambassador
  • In the Ghost Gallery Francis Xavier was said to have been a pirate captain who was trained by the pirate Whitebeard (the Ghost Gallery's version of Martin) and that they were buried in the mansion because not because they lived there but because it was a favourite hub of cut-throats and loose woman. The story also claimed that Xavier was responsible for bringing Bluebeard's crypt to the mansion's mausoleum.

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