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c. 1877


Constance Hatchaway (widow)
Harrison Hightower III (presumed relative)

Behind the scenes
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The Haunted Mansion (Disneyland)


Rick Rothschild

George Hightower is one of the former owners of the Haunted Mansion and the fifth husband turned victim of Constance Hatchaway.


In 1877, George Hightower met up with Constance Hatchaway in Pleasant Lake, California. George proposed to and married Constance, unaware that she was a notorious "black widow bride". Some time after the wedding, Constance brutally murdered George with a hatchet and inherited his fortune and (presumably) the Mansion, where she apparently met her end.[1]

The Haunted MansionEdit

Though George Hightower doesn't physically appear in the ride itself[2], he makes two appearances: first as a bust on one of the stretching portraits, and then again in his wedding photo in the mansion's attic.


  • Imagineer Rick Rothschild portrayed George Hightower in the changing wedding picture.
  • If the bust seen on the Stretching Portrait is to be believed, Constance murdered George by plunging her hatchet into his forehead, rather than by beheading him as was her usual modus operandi. In spite of that, the head of his in the portrait still vanishes when Constance shows her hatchet, as if he had been regularly beheaded.
  • George is presumably related to Harrison Hightower III, the millionaire who built the Hotel Hightower in New York that disappeared on December 31st, 1899. Similarly, the hotel is now considered haunted, under the name of Tower of Terror.


  1. According to the new Marvel comics, the reason Constance haunts the Mansion and is more powerful than the other ghosts is because dying on the Mansion's grounds grants one special powers.
  2. Although the picture's changing might be thanks to George's spirit directly possessing it.

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