The Graveyard is a burial ground in The Haunted Mansion (Video Game) found in what looks like a basement. It is here where Zeke meets the singing busts.    

Description Edit

On the alley, turn right and shoot the Evil Spirits. Turn left and go outside. The cutscene Introduces the head statue wanting Zeke's help to find his three Singing Busts members. Follow the road and a cut scene will reveal a new playmate, the Skeleton Warrior. Turn right at the fork, activate the right statue "brother Zeke". Continue forward and activate the right statue "brother Zeke". Defeat the Skeleton Warrior. Be careful of his timing three way shots. Activate the upper left statue "brother Zeke, brother Zeke" the acapela begins. Get the Fortune Card. The Graveyard Mausoleum is rising from below. Before you decide to enter it, retrace to the first statue (Graveyard entrance). Facing the road, go to your left. The second white tomb contains souls. Keep moving until you see the torch. The white tomb before you reach the torch contains souls. Next to the torch there is a Bravery Tonic. Continue forward ,get stuck, turn right, continue forward. The third white tomb, next to the tree contains souls. Continue forward until you reach the tree with a Bravery Tonic next to it in front area of the Mausoleum. Defeat the Skeleton Warrior there. The white tomb next to the Bravery Tonic contains souls. You will then find another Bravery Tonic next to a tree and next to the Tonic is the white tomb Zeke is looking for. As a bonus, Zeke can activate all wannabes to cause the two much smaller mausoleums to rise from the ground to grant an approximate of 48 Fortune Cards and an undead group of Skeleton Warriors. 

Friendly Ghosts Edit

Gus Edit

On Gus's first interaction, he says he doesn't usually see folk get up and walk out of the Graveyard. On the last, he states that it seems like the right idea to whatever he was told, but then yells "Hey! Wait up!"

Phineas Edit

From the start, Phineas asks if he could use any company and attempts to convince by claiming that he wouldn't go in the graveyard alone, if he was him. On the following interaction, he asks if he doesn't mind if he comes along and he says to trust him since it is going to be like he's not even there.

Ezra Edit

Ezra asks if he's heading his way, then laughs. On the next interaction he asks if he can join, but when he gets rejected, he adds that they could be such good friends and laughs it off.

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