Herr Victor Geist is the version of the Organist displayed in the Ghost Post.


Contrary to what his appearance in the ride suggests, Victor Geist seems to be an friendly, outgoing and eccentric man. He is good friends with Sally Slater (a romance is hinted at, albeit not confirmed). He generally sounds younger than he seems to be.


In the Ghost PostEdit

Herr Victor Geist mostly appears in the Phantom Radio segments of the story, mostly chatting with Sally Slater. He is a member of the Committee of Wandering Ghosts.

In the rideEdit

Aside from the appearance of the regular Organist, if players of the game visited the Disneyland mansion and used their Phantom Radio with a special doombuggy, Victor speaks to the guests as they pass through the Grand Hall, thanking them for their help and wishing them luck in dispelling the Fog.

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