Jonathan Harker's ghost surprises Goofy and Mickey

Jonathan Harker was a man who got so excited during a cross-country bicycle race in 1887 that he rode off Wandsworth Cliff into the ocean, never to be seen alive again. His ghost haunted his former home, the old Harker house, until it was torn down.

Along with the ghosts of his nephew Ebeneezer and Ebeneezer's wife, Jonathan relocated to Goofy's house for a brief period of time, riding his bicycle through the rooms. Eventually, Goofy and Mickey Mouse persuaded the three ghosts to live at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Once he arrived, Jonathan trundled his bicycle to the back of the house and joined two other phantom cyclists who were riding there.

Jonathan Harker is featured in the story Spooky Tenants in the October 1969 Walt Disney Comics Digest. His name is likely taken from the character of the same name in Dracula.

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