The Kitchen is the cooking facility of the mansion in The Haunted Mansion (Video Game) . It is also the first room that doesn't have a light switch and as a result Zeke has to "make" fire in oven for the room to light up.

Description Edit

When Zeke enters the room, he will find that the girl he saw earlier is standing/hovering before him. The girl is calling out to Zeke, but instinctly, he does not come forward. So the girl moves closer and reveals her hideous face that she hid under her hair followed by a blood-curling scream, confirming that it's a Banshee. Zeke can quickly defeat it by immediately blasting it with the Purple Soul Gem three times. Then he must clear out all the evil spirits in the center and the spiders in the entrance or right next to the oven. Zeke can collect all Fortune Cards in the room. There is one card on top of the white sacks and one on is on top of a table near the upper left corner. Plus, a deck of them are on the dish rack attached to the big concrete, then jump to the higher rack and one more jump to get another card. There also three Bravery Tonics found in the room. One is on the top area behind the pillar, one is on the higher rack/platform on the left side corner and the other one is on top of the three barrels pile. Once Zeke reaches the top area, he will be attacked by floating plates just in time for him to move out the way and shatter a lantern on the ground, making a small fire. Zeke could use the dishes to his advantage by standing behind the bottles of alcohol and cause them to shatter on the floor so the trail of fire can make a new path to the fireplace to light it up. To get the tricky one by the flour bags, Zeke can stand behind the flour bags. When all sixteen bottles are shattered, the oven will turn on, providing light to the entire room. The spirits are in hidden in the three china cabinets and in a barrel.

Friendly Ghost Edit

Saleman's Ghost Edit

This Phantom will try to advertise and sell Zeke a Bravery Tonic upon first interaction and on the second he'll try to sell him 1,000 acres of Louisiana swamp that includes a geniune haunted mansion with the optional chioce of an alligater.

Trivia Edit

  • A Kitchen area was shown to have been considered for the attraction in Marc Davis concept art.

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