"Lenore Meets The Haunted Mansion" is the second story in Haunted Mansion #2. It was written and illustrated by Roman Dirge, and features his character Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl.


Late one night, Lenore is roused from sleep in her haunted mansion by music coming from somewhere distant. Groggy and annoyed, she tromps downstairs and looks out the window. Along with her sidekick Ragamuffin, she leaves her home and walks across the way to nearby Gracey Manor, where the music is emenating.

Kicking in the door, Lenore and Ragamuffin enter the Stretching Room, where the Ghost Host gives his spiel about there being no windows and no doors, and how "there's always my way," revealing his decaying corpse hanging from the rafters. Lenore is not impressed, and points out how there's a big open door that she noticed and is going to walk through. The Ghost Host, speaking from the hanging corpse, seems confused and put-out by this, and then asks Lenore if she wouldn't mind cutting him down. Lenore says no and leaves, exasperated.

Later, in the seance room, Madame Leota chants her incantation, but Lenore points out that all the floating instruments are on strings. Leota tries to bluff (badly) that they're "haunted strings;" Lenore doesn't buy it. She then accidently trips over a power cord in a wall outlet, and Leota vanishes from her crystal ball.

As Lenore and Ragamuffin pass the ghoulish family photos in the Corridor of Doors, Lenore comments that this place smells like "grandma's butt." The panel lingers on a photo of shrieking old woman. Lenore does a double-take and says "Grandma?" To which the photo replies "I'm not talking to you."

Lenore eventually finds the source of the music: the organist in the ballroom, pounding away on the pipe organ. Lenore asks him to turn the music down, but he ignore her. Irked, Lenore shoves the organist aside and starts randomly hitting keys on the pipe organ: "OK, see. How do you like it? Look at me! I'm slappin' key and making sounds!" However, Lenore starts having fun, and begins pounding the keys randomly. The ballroom dancers all stop and stare at the horrible noise. Ragamuffin tries to tell Lenore that her actions defeat the purpose of them coming, but Lenore shushes him and starts doing "the Robot" while playing the keyboard.

999 hours later (according to the caption), the organist pleads with Lenore to stop playing, but Lenore simply replies "Quiet! I can't hear my jam!!!"