Magic From The Haunted Mansion In Disneyland is a 60-page souvenir booklet written in 1970 by magician Alwyn Stevenson. This book taught children how to do rudimentary magic tricks using concept art and characters from The Haunted Mansion. It was later re-titled as Disneyland's Mystifying Magic Book.


  • Card Magic
    • Rescue of the Queens
    • Your Name Please
    • Prediction of Suit and Value
    • A Found Head
  • Money Magic
    • A Coin Vanish
    • A Coffin Escape
    • Nothing Up Your Sleeve
    • The Crying Griffin
  • Paper Magic
    • Walk Through A Business Card
    • You Can't Loose
    • The Elastic Ghoul
    • The Strength of Hercules
  • Mental Magic
    • Total Prediction
    • The Mummy's Age
    • Inhuman Computer
    • Black Magic
    • Telephonic Sight
  • Handkerchief Magic
    • Knot From Nowhere
    • Spirit Under Wraps
    • The Vanishing Vampire
    • The Miracle Rope Splice
    • Never Ending Serpent
  • Ventriloquist Lesson
    • How To Throw Your Voice