The Maid’s Room is the smallest room in The Haunted Mansion (Video Game) where the servant of the mansion traditionally sleeps in. May not look much, but upon approaching the walls, it will reveal a maze inside the room.

Description Edit

The walls will move as Zeke approaches them. The other side of the walls will be moving too as long as Zeke is within the range of the walls. When he is moving far from the wall, it will then move back to its original position. This behavior will continue far as long as the light switch is off. Zeke's goal is to find all four silver doors to access the room where the light switch is in. Turn left, continue forward until it gets stuck. Turn right, continue forward until it gets stuck again. Turn right, continue forward, defeat the Evil Spirits and then reach the first door and get the Fortune Card. Shoot and kill the Giant Spider, then continue forward, and shoot the Spiders that will pop all around, turn left, shoot some more Spiders, reach the second door, get the Fortune Card. Continue forward, there you will find a Bravery Tonic on the bed. Go back to the entrance. Your back facing the entrance, a few steps ahead, turn right where Zeke can see a table and the oval mirror (more like a portrait). Kill the two Giant Spiders. Continue forward, turn left until it gets stuck, then turn right, reach the third door and get the Fortune Card. Turn left, continue forward until it gets stuck in front of the leaning portrait. Activate it to open a hidden room on the left. Go to the room, explore and get the deck of Fortune Cards on the bed. Get back to where the portrait is. Facing the portrait, turn right and kill the spiders, keep moving until it gets stuck, turn right, immediate turn to the right, fight the Banshee and the Evil Spirits. From your current position, continue to your left area, fight the Giant Spider. Then, continue forward, reach the fourth door and get the Fortune Card. Continue forward until the walls get stuck, turn to the right, continue forward until Zeke reaches the exit door and the switch, but some Evil Spirits will be chasing after Zeke. Just immediately turn-on the switch to make the remaining Evil Spirits disappear. There is a Bravery Tonic on the bed and the Tome of Shadows, Volume II. Once the lights are on, the walls will longer move and Zeke must find the Shriveled Souls. Collect the hidden spirits from the table and the chest to be done with it.

Friendly Ghosts Edit

Ghost Bride

The deceased woman is dressed as a bride and is waiting anxiously for the groom which she trusts will come along soon thinking he might have had "carriage trouble".

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