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The Main Street Haunted Hotel was an exclusive, seasonal attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland for Disney's Haunted Halloween event, which is located in  Main Street, U.S.A.


Unlike The Haunted Mansion in other Disney parks, the Main Street Haunted Hotel is a thrilling walk-through attraction, with living haunts and specters appearing around every corner and hallway inside the hotel, and the ghost of Victoria Maxwell, who is still haunting the halls, and has been searching for fresh victims since 1889. The attraction is also filled with detail scene settings, audio, and theatrical effects in order to maximize guest's experience.


Upon entering the hotel, guests walk down a narrow passageway, where up ahead you see two changing portraits. As guests walk to the right, they enter the lobby. A piano plays by itself and a rocking chair with nobody in it. Passing by the front desk guests are startled by a concierge, and later, a head in a potted plant.

After, guests move through the hotel's bar and into the library. Out from behind a portrait, a corpse lunges towards the guests. A bookcase opens to reveal a secret passageway. A cast member beckons people in. Next guests are led into an elevator. Halfway along the lift the lights go out and the doors open. Guests enter a garden. A cast member in the room points up to reveal a man being hung from the ceiling. Guests are quickly ushered into the next room.

Guests enter a long hallway, at the end of which is a wardrobe with an apparition of Victoria Maxwell materializing in front of it. As guests turn to their right they enter a bedroom. The bed opens up like a trapdoor and a corpse pops out.

Moving on to the bathroom a corpse in the tub comes alive and lunges at passing guests. Leaving the bathroom guests enter a closed-off bakery. An angry ghost chef opens a window and startles guests.

Finally, guests come to a secret laboratory. There is a man inside a cage running a metal pipe against the bars. The cage glows, and the man is electrocuted. After that, guests make it back to Main Street USA.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The attraction realizes many unused, early Haunted Mansion concepts, such as a haunted building on Main Street U.S.A, a walk-through attraction, a murderous ghost bride, and several vignettes, such as a corpse in bathtub.
  • A number of props and furnishings were purchased and recycled from the now defunct Rocky Point Haunted House in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Many of the changing and static portraits were made by the The Ghoulish Gallery.


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