Medusa is one of the ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion.


The portrait starts off as that of a beautiful red-haired Ancient Greek woman inside a temple. With a flash of lightning, she turns into a decayed, stony, terrifying gorgon (a hybrid monster with hair made of serpents).

In the ridesEdit

Disneyland Edit

When the Mansion opened in 1969, Medusa was the third painting down the Portrait Corridor. In 2005, when a different effect was put in, Medusa was moved down the hallway to become the fifth portrait, taking up the space once occupied by Miss April-December.

Walt Disney World Edit

When the Haunted Mansion opened at Walt Disney World in 1971, the "after" stage (the stony gorgon) was used as one of the Sinister 11. Medusa's eyes glowed and followed Doombuggies as they moved down the hallway. During the 2007 renovation, the lightning flash changing portrait of Medusa was hung up in the Portrait Hall, the Sinister Eleven verison disappearing.

Tokyo Disneyland Edit

At Tokyo Disneyland, the after stage of Medusa is still used as one of the Sinister 11 as was the case in Walt Disney World before 2007.

Phantom Manor Edit

The Medusa changing portrait also hangs in the Changing Portraits Corridor of Phantom Manor, morphing between the two forms.

Mystic Manor Edit

In Mystic Manor a mosaic of Medusa is found in the mediterranean hall where she is depicted as a beautiful young woman who suddenly turns into gorgon along with her snake hair lunging out of the mosaic.

Other appearancesEdit

Marvel ComicsEdit

In the Marvel Haunted Mansion comic arc, the Changing Portraits haunts do the bidding of the villainous sea captain Bartholomew Gore. When Danny Crowe enters the Mansion, they all climb out of their frames in their transformed phase, including the monstrous Medusa, and begin to chase the mortal boy.


  • Medusa was one of the Changing Portraits created by Marc Davis. It originally had more than two phases; as depicted on this page's image, she would go through the intermediary step of a living, flesh-and-blood gorgon before she turned to stone.
  • Medusa is arguably the oldest ghost in the Mansion, followed by the Mummy, Great Cesar's Ghost, the Egyptian woman and the Roman Soldier (in the Ballroom).

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