Mirabelle is one of the many ghosts that haunts Gracey Manor in the SLG Haunted Mansion comics.


Mirabelle is the spirit of a teenage girl that sits alone in the mansion's ballroom, watching the other ghostly couples dance. She died from eating a tainted peppermint candy, which gives her ghostly essence that flavor. Because she went to the party unescorted and died that way. she feels she is destined to carry on solo through her afterlife; though she seems content, she does miss being touched. When two mortal boys come to the mansion and try to win her over, Mirabelle does not have time to warn them about the tainted candy before they run off, trying to kill themselves so that one of their ghosts can be with her; the two eventually eat the poisoned candy, but, too absorbed by their attempts at suicide, they keep uselessly trying to kill each other in the afterlife without noticing a thing.

Behind the scenesEdit

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