Mrs Harker is one of the ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion.


Mrs Harker was a woman who liked to go to parties, and would steal one or two cards out of every deck thather husband Ebeneezer bought. He never had a full deck. It bothered him so much that he had a fit of apoplexy and died. Mrs. Ebeneezer was very upset. She died, and her ghost haunted her former home, the old Harker house until it was torn down.

Along with the ghosts of her husband and his uncle Jonathan Harker, Mrs. Ebeneezer relocated to Goofy's house for a brief period of time, walking up and down the dining room. Eventually, Goofy and Mickey Mouse persuaded the three ghosts to live at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Once she arrived, Mrs. Ebeneezer joined the ghosts who were having a birthday party in the great dining hall of the house.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ebeneezer's wife is featured in the story Spooky Tenants in the October 1969 Walt Disney Comics Digest.

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