The Museum is a room where works of art, scientific specimens, or other objects of permanent value are kept and displayed in The Haunted Mansion (Video Game), including five very fustrating chessboard mazes.

Description Edit

Inside, always charge your Beacon and they got have no mercy in here. Go to the left and there will be the Tome of Shadows Book Volume V. Opposite the bookstand there is a big pillar. There are two pillars in the room. Left and right pillar. A Bravery Tonic at the West of first pillar, two Bravery Tonic at the North of it. A Bravery Tonic at the East of second pillar, two Bravery Tonic at the North of it. Another Bravery Tonic at the center of the room, in between the two pillars. The Knights around those pillars will come after Zeke, two from the first pillar and two from the second pillar. Ultra shot and a lot of charge shots will help. Try to concentrate on one particular area; circling that pillar for example. Otherwise you will certainly let the Gargoyle awake and put a lot of nothing but misery. When fighting the balrog always remember to use ultra shots (combine with charge shots) because ultra shots will explode thus destroyingthe trolls chasing at you in a speedy. Some Evil Spirits will be alert when Zeke approaches the five Knights on the upper right area. Once you enter the Museum, go to your right, find one blue-color-armor opposite to the wall on the right. Activate it to open the hidden room behind the armor (touch the left-edge of the armor). Five 6 x 12 square chess platform for Zeke to be cleared in accordance to the number of Knights in the cut scene. Once Zeke beats the puzzles one by one, the Knight will drop to the ground one by one. Zeke will have to avoid the Knight's line of sight as much as possible. They get harder and harder. Once the third/center armor is crumbled down the floor, turn on the switch and collect the spirits from two suits of purple armor, and a vase.

Friendly Ghosts Edit

Ring Ghost Edit

The shade is found to be searching for a ring in the museum which it nervously says that if he doesn't find it, he will banish him for sure. Then he says that he doesn't remember how to get in where he hid it and regrets ever taking the ring.

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