Concept art of Mystic Manor

Mystic Manor is the titular setting of the Hong Kong Disneyland attraction of the same name. 


Located in Mystic Point, Papua New Guinea, Mystic Manor in the home of Lord Henry Mystic, and his pet monkey Albert. Lord Henry Mystic, along with being a British lord and gifted inventor, is also one of the leading members of a global secret society known as the Society of Explorers and Adventurers which helps Lord Mystic in obtaining a large collection of rare artifacts. Lord Mystic first set eyes on the jungle of Mystic Point many years ago and was enchanted by the tropical locale, giving it the name it has today and clearing out some of the jungle to make his home there. This same location was also where he met Albert, having rescued the monkey from a giant spiderweb.  

Mystic Manor was the product of Lord Mystic's lifetime of adventuring around the globe, starting with Victorian influences but incorporating a hodgepodge of architectural styles from all over the world. Construction of the manor was completed in 1896, and soon Mystic was housing his impressive private collection of 7000 rare artifacts and antiquities there, making it a one-of-a-kind museum. 

As of 1908, Lord Mystic has opened the manor for tours to anyone visiting Mystic Point, conducting guests through his home safely and speedily thanks to his patented Magneto-Electric Carriages. The pride of Lord Mystic's collection was his enchanted music box which he dared not open due to an ancient legend surrounding the box which said that it held malevolent spirits which would inhabit inanimate objects if opened. 



Decorated with a collection of S.E.A. themed artwork as well as portraits of Lord Mystic and Albert together collecting antiquities.

Acquisitions and Cataloguing Room

Music Room

Mediterranean Hall


Slavic-Nordic Chamber


Egyptian Antiques

Tiki Room

Chinese Salon