The ghastly organist plays on.

The Organist is a specter that inhabits the Grand Hall of the Haunted Mansion.

In the Attraction Edit

Dressed in a cape and top hat, this ghostly organist plays Grim Grinning Ghosts as a macabre waltz on the Grand Hall's pipe organ. Tiny wisp-like spirits emerge from the organ's pipes as the organist plays.

In the original Disneyland version of the attraction, the organ console is the original prop of the organ used by Captain Nemo in the in the 1954 film, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. While the console is the same, the noticeable differences are that of the bat-shape note stand which replaced the mirror from the 1954 film and the taller set of pipes that replaces the fan-shaped pipes of Nemo's organ to better compliment the ballroom's dimensions and to make a good effect on the skull-like spirits floating out of the pipes.

Other Appearances Edit

SLG comicsEdit

The Organist was stated to appear in one of the stories of the cancelled eighth issue. He would have been the sadistic narrator of the tale of how the Banshees who float out of the organ came to be (according to this continuity, they were a choir of obnoxious children that the Organist lured to their death to have a children choir to compose for).

Disney KingdomsEdit

In the Marvel comics' second issue, the Organist makes a brief appearance starting up a song on his organ in the Ballroom.

Ghost Post Edit

The organist is given the name of Herr Victor Geist and is one of the major characters of the Ghost Post interactive game, heard speaking in a German accent through the Phantom Radio. Victor is a member of the Committee of Wandering Ghosts and, despite his eerie appearance in the attraction, comes off as a very friendly and outgoing (albeit eccentric) spirit. He is very close with Sally Slater, the tightrope walker, with perhaps a slight hint of a romance between them.

Generally only heard chatting with Sally about the situation of the Great Unraveling, Victor takes charge during the puzzle of finding the spectral wavelengths that reveal the location of the Forgotten Room, using his organ to play along with the music box melodies through the radio. Furthermore, if players of the game visited the Disneyland mansion and used their Phantom Radio with a special doom buggy, Victor would speak to the guests as they passed through the Grand Hall, thanking them for their help and wishing them luck in dispelling the fog.

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