Erasmus Pickwick
Pickwick is one of the ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion.

In the rideEdit

Pickwick can be seen in the Grand Hall, hanging from the chandelier via his cane, a glass of wine in his free hand. 

Other AppearancesEdit

SLG ComicsEdit

In the story "The Pickwick Capers," Erasmus Cromwell Pickwick was once a "mole burglar" who bragged no item could be safe from his thievery, frequently using low tunnels and passages to get away with his crimes due to his crippling acrophobia. He breaks into Gracey Manor one night in an attempt to find a hidden treasure, but dies in the Stretching Room when he panics that the room is becoming too deep. His ghost, no longer afraid of heights, enjoys his lofty perch on the ballroom's chandelier.

Disney KingdomsEdit

Pickwick is first introduced in The Haunted Mansion #2 as a seemingly bumbling but good-natured ghost who explains to Danny Crowe the situation with the entrapment of the ghosts. He seems to forget parts of their conversation and becomes more belligerent as time passes, but this is largely due to cursed influence placed on the Grand Hall by the Captain, which makes the spirits party endlessly and forget their predicament.

Pickwick appears to succumb to the hall's magic and drags Danny into the jamboree with them. After the Captain transforms the Hitchhiking Ghosts into monsters, their rampaging inadvertently breaks the spell and Pickwick is later able to appear and help Danny escape the Captain's clutches. Even when the curse is broken, Pickwick continues to be a party animal and leads many of the graveyard parties.

Unlike his SLG Comics version, in the Marvel comics Pickwick died elsewhere and retired to the Mansion as a ghost.


  • Pickwick is unique in that, other than Madame Leota, he is one of the few named characters in the original Imagineering show documentation.
  • It is thought that the name might come from his Dickensian appearance, though it may also be a sort of in-joke among Imagineers who frequently passed a banquet hall called the Pickwick Center going to-and-from their center of operations in Glendale, California.
  • The name Pickwick could also come from Pickwick syndrome which causes severely overweight people to fail to breathe.


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