"Her plaintive pleas can still be heard, 'O Muse, provide the perfect word!"- Prudence Pock's Crypt
Prudence Pock was a poetess who is buried in the family plot of the Haunted Mansion at DisneyWorld.


Prudence Pock was a poetess and writer who worked in the Haunted Mansion's Library. According to a plaque on her crypt which reads "Here lies poetess Prudence Pock who died,tis said from writer's block" she died of writer's block and spends the afterlife in her crypt writing morbid poems. Guests can interact with Prudence by giving her rhymes for her poetry through the use of a Spectrecom.


  • You must pay attention though life is so hectic. Ask Earl who did miss that fence was electric.
  • Myrtle Jones, it was said could clear all of the hurdles. Until she was eaten by a large snapping turtle.
  • Al was not scared to go out in the rain. Too bad that it was a class 5 hurricane.
  • In honor of poor Charles, we're having a wake. He died from eating too much birthday cake.
  • One night on safari, crazy Franz Geiger tried to ride a man-eating tiger.
  • Deep in the wild, on his off-road machine, Greg found that his tank had no more gasoline.
  • Sweet Hanna had taken a cruise to Manila. She was thrown overboard by an angry gorilla.
  • Old Lucy, you see, had such poor eyesight. Instead of a candle, she lit dynamite.
  • In the swamp, poor Sally Slater was eaten by an alligator.
  • The miner forgot his warning canary. Now he mines six feet under the old cemetery.
  • Irv thought he'd relax in his jungle cabana, but a really big monkey thought him a banana.


  • She shares her last name with Phineas P. Pock who is one of the singing busts from the graveyard of the mansion.
  • In one of her poems she mentions Sally Slater which is the name of the Tightrope Walker from the Stretching Room.
  • The sides of her crypt are decorated to look like the Mansion's library complete with the book pushing themselves out.
  • The Sides of her crypt are decorated with a message hidden using a symbol substitution cipher which reads,"Welcome home you foolish mortal, this mansion is your mystic portal, where eerie sights and spooky sounds fill these happy haunting grounds".
  • Each of the symbols used in the cryptogram represent something associated with the Haunted Mansion such as the a key from the servant's quarters, a singing bust and the number 13.
  • The SpectreCom which guests use to speak with the nearly departed is patented by R.H. Goff which is a tribute to imagineer Harper Goff.
  • In concept art the Writer Crypt featured a statue of Prudence Pock covering her face as well as the stature of an owl and a roofed area held up by overgrown pillars