Levi TationThe Pun Crypts are a series of crypts found in both Disneyland's mansion and DisneyWorld's mansion.

DisneyWorld Edit

The Liberty Square Haunted Mansion's crypts are found in the mausoleum near the exit of the ride along with the crypt of Bluebeard and his wives. There are two crypts dedicated to a total of twenty-five pun names.

The Names: Edit

  • Asher T. Ashes (Ashes to Ashes)
  • Clare Voince (Clairvoyance)
  • Dustin T. Dust (Dust into Dust)
  • Hail N. Hardy (Hail and Hearty) 
  • Hap A. Rition (Apparition)
  • I. Emma Spook (I am a Spook)
  • I. M. Ready (I am Ready)
  • I. Trudy Dew (I Truly Do)
  • Love U. Trudy (Love you truly) 
  • Metta Fisiks (Metaphysics)
  • Paul Tergyst (Poltergeist) 
  • Ray. N. Carnation (Reincarnation)
  • Rusty Gates (Rusty Gates)
  • U. R. Gone (You are gone)
  • Be a Witch (Be a Witch)
  • C. U. Later (See you later)
  • G. I. Missyou (Gee I miss you)
  • Hal Lusinashun (Hallucination)
  • I. L. Beback (I'll be back)
  • I. M. Mortal (I am Mortal)
  • I. Trudy Departed (I truly departed)
  • Levi Tation (Levitation)
  • Manny Festation (Manifestation)
  • M. T. Tomb (Empty Tomb)
  • Pearl E. Gates (Pearly Gates)
  • Rustin Peece (Rest in Peace) 
  • Theo Later (See you later) 
  • Wee G. Bord (Ouija Board)

Disneyland Edit

In the New Orleans Square Haunted Mansion the crypts are located underneath of the berm cemetery. Beside the crypts are the emergency exit to the attraction.

The Names Edit

  • Theo Later (See you later)
  • Dustin T. Dust (Dust into Dust)
  • U.R. Gone (You are Gone)
  • Levi Tation (Levitation)
  • Ray N. Carnation (Reincarnation)
  • I.M. Mortal (I am Mortal)
  • I. Trudy Departed (I truly Departed)
  • Rustin Peece (Rest in Peace)
  • I.L. Bebeck (I'll be Back)
  • M.T. Tomb (Empty Tomb)

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