ThePurple Shroud is one of the many ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion.


The Purple Shroud is an arms-raising specter, shrouded in a dark purple sheet. In the WDW and Disneyland Haunted Mansions, it's face was invisible, but a screaming face is clearly visible in the Tokyo Disneyland version of the ride.

In the rideEdit

In the ride, the Purple Shroud would stand next to the entrance of the Séance Room, and wouldn't be noticed by the guests until their doombuggies turned around, allowing them to see the doorway by themselves. The shroud was notable for being the first ghost seen in the Mansion (as opposed to heard or felt like the Ghost Host), if you don't count Madame Leota.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Purple Shroud stood by the entrance of all three Haunted Mansions since 1969, although by 1980, it's design in Disneyland's version had changed, with it's raised arms gone. In 2001, it was removed in both to make room for the Haunted Mansion Holidays overlay, and the Imagineers apparently forgot to put it back afterwards.


  • Although rather minor, Purple Shroud made its way into fanfictions, where it is depicted as Madame Leota's "assistant".


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