"Room for a Thousand"
is the first story in Haunted Mansion #1. It was written and illustrated by Eric Jones, and serves as a introduction to the comics.


The story follows a new, unnamed ghost, the thousandth one, that arrives at Gracey Manor. The Ghost Host welcomes the spirit and guides him through the house (though at one point chides him when he pulls out a camera, reminding him that there are "no flash pictures, please") The ghost seems nervous as he travels through the mansion, going through the Stretching Room, the Portrait Corridor, and the Corridor of Doors. He wanders into the Seance Room and meets Madame Leota, but quickly flees to the ballroom, where he is menaced by a spirit that seems to be the Hatbox Ghost.

Running from that, he ends up in the attic and encounters the Bride. Spooked by her, he falls out the attic window and lands in the graveyard, where the happy haunts have assembled and sing Grim Grinning Ghosts. The new ghost then spots the caretaker, who he frightens and then chases. The Ghost Host expresses his pleasure that the new spirit has "buried his trepidations" and joined in the revelry, and mentions how he has been welcomed to the fold - though cryptically states in the final panel that there's "always room for one more..."


  • Strangely, even though the nameless ghost is identified as the #1000 ghost, there are still 999 ghosts in the Mansion by the time The Final Interview (in the last issue of the SLG comics) takes place. It is possible that The Final Interview actually happened earlier, in spite of its position as the last story in the last issue.
  • The story is actually a pretty accurate ride-through of the Haunted Mansion.
  • The unnamed ghost has sometimes been nicknamed Theobald, and heavily resembles the Hatbox Ghost.