The Singing Busts are a group of undead Haunted Mansion inhabitants that sing Grim Grinning Ghosts in the graveyard. From left to right the names of the busts are Rollo Rumkin (Verne Rowe), Uncle Theodore (Thurl Ravencroft), Cousin Algernorn (Chuck Schroeder), Ned Nub (Jay Meyer) and Phineas P. Pock (Bob Ebright).  

Other appearances Edit

2003 Film Edit

The busts appear in the 2003 movie but are reduced to a quartet. In the midst of their song, Jim interrupts them and tries to ask them the location of a mausoleum that leads to a crypt wherein they respond in songs. At the end of the film, they join the Evers family in their vacation. It is unknown why they did not go to heaven after the curse was lifted.

The Dapper Dans provide their voices in this adaption.

Video game

The busts appear in the 2003 game as a quartet again. The leader asks the main character, Zeke, to find the other members of his quarter and wake them. After they are awakened, they sing the song "Brother Zeke", which causes a mausoleum to rise from the ground and the graveyard to light up. The Dapper Dans provide their voices in this adoption once again.


  • In the Ghost Gallery storyline the busts are named Thurl, Ravens, Croft, Singg and Buss as a reference to which when deciphered says "Thurl Ravenscroft singing bust" as a reference to the singer Thurl Ravenscroft who played Uncle Theodore.
  • In Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris the busts appear in the Phantom Canyon portion of the attraction, however there are only four busts instead of five.
  • In a Marc Davis concept rendering of the busts the bust of Aunt Lucretia (the woman staring bust found in Disneyland's Portrait Corridor and DisneyWorld's Library) hinting that she may have originally been included with the rest of the singing busts.
  • The tombstones of Rollo Rumkin and Phineas Pock are two of the original eight tombstones that were found in the original family plot of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion and while in DisneyWorld's Haunted Mansion the epitaphless graves of Uncle Theodore, Phineas Pock, Cousin Algernorn, Rollo Rumkin and Ned Nub are found on the hillside infront of the Mansion.
  • Phineas Pock is a common name used in the Haunted Mansion's history such as the unused concept of Phineas J. Pock who was the proposed name for the Lord and Master of the DisneyWorld Haunted Mansion, the "author" of the book Magic from the the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland and a character featured in a 1969 radio add for the Haunted Mansion who was voiced by Paul Frees.

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