The Sitting Room is a room in The Haunted Mansion (Video Game) where people sit and relax, but the light switch however, does not do that.

Description Edit

Once inside, notice the light switch behind is missing. First thing first, as always, tidy up the messy room. To the left area, explore a bit, two Skeleton Warriors will show up and two more Skeleton Warriors in the right side area. Continue to left area/fireplace, Evil Spirits will leak out of the broken fireplace. Lock on and shoot (you may want to lock and retrace to the previous sitting place). Finish all of them. Just opposite of the entrance there is Fortune Card. To the upper right corner, a Bravery Tonic. Get close to the Bravery Tonic and spiders will start dropping. Clear the place up with rapid shots. Go back to the first fireplace and get near to the 'handle'. It moves, so follow the handle until It flies away to open area. Here is the trick, drive the handle to fly away into the center area (second fireplace). It may need to travel around the room, to the right side and Zeke may also encounter a Banshee. Once it is positioned in line with the entrance alley, stand in line behind the handle. Move toward the entrance, and the handle will obey, then turn the fireplace on. Watch out for the Knights. Three sofas have spirits so get them and collect an fragment.


Friendly Ghosts Edit

Drunk Man Edit

The ghost is first heard singing dreadfully and makes a hiccup sound and excuses himself. On the second, he says "They say, Son, you gotta drink your life away. And I said... I said..." never finishes.

Drunk Woman Edit

She states that the party would be dead without them. Then, she absurdely says "What's a nice place like me doing in a girl like this?".

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