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The Stretching Room

The Stretching Room is the the first major scene in all versions of the Haunted Mansion. In the original, the Stretching Room was actually a cleverly disguised elevator, but in some of the later variations, the floor does not move down at all, and the ceiling simply moves upward, taking the walls with it.


This happens in all variations of the Haunted Mansion. When you enter this octagonal room, your Ghost Host welcomes you. As he narrates, the paintings on the walls elongate to reveal the fallowing deaths:

  • A bearded gentleman holding a document is revealed to be wearing only his undergarments from the waist down and standing atop a lit keg of dynamite.
  • A pretty young lady holding a parasol is revealed to be balancing on a fraying tightrope above the gaping jaws of an alligator.
  • An old woman holding a rose is revealed to be sitting atop a tall gravestone, at the bottom of which is a stone bust of her husband George with a hatchet embedded in his head.
  • A man in a bowler hat is revealed to be sitting on the shoulders of another man, who sits on the shoulders of a third man who is waist-deep in quicksand.

“...And consider this dismaying observation: this chamber has no windows and no doors... which offers you this chilling challenge: to find a way out! Of course, there's always my way...”

At this point the lights go out and lightning flashes above. The ceiling vanishes and gives a view of the mansion's cupola, where the skeletal corpse of the Ghost Host sways from a noose tied to the rafters. After a few seconds, the room becomes pitch black and a dreadful scream is heard, followed by the sound of bones shattering.

Phantom Manor has guest file into an octagonal room with four portraits of a young Melanie. The Phantom comments on the paintings, and asks guests if they have noticed that the walls are stretching. The room actually appears to stretch, and the portraits grow taller — revealing some haunting situations the young girl is in, including:

  • picking flowers above a gravestone where a skeleton emerges from the ground.
  • holding a parasol while in a boat above a vertical waterfall.
  • stepping through a stream as a water monster reaches for her foot.
  • having a picnic with her fiancé as ants raid their food and a snake, scorpion, spider and beetle approach.

And after the Phantom offers a challenge of finding a way out (to which he adds that there's always his way) the ceiling turns invisible showing us instead of the Ghost Host's corpse, the Phantom, emerging from a secret panel in the cupola, holding on to the rope he used to hang the groom from the rafters.

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