"The Follow-Up Interview" is the third story in Haunted Mansion #5. It is written Dan Vado and illustrated by Drew Rausch. The story continues to narrative begun in "The Interview."

Synopsis Edit

Sarah, having recovered from her near-fatal car accident, cannot get the idea of being a ghost out of her head. She still remembers the spirits she met in Gracey Manor and how much fun the afterlife seemed to be. Her boyfriend, Steve, is dismissive of her new interest, but expresses it's only because he's worried about Sarah - the trauma from the accident seems to have given her delusions. He urges her to seek help, to talk to someone that can give her professional advice. Sarah responds that she does want to talk to someone: someone that can get her back to the mansion, where she now wants to live, even if she has to die to do it.

Trivia Edit

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