The HauntedMansion-30th Anniversary1999

The Haunted Mansion: 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Compact Disc was a soundtrack album released for the 30th Anniversary of The Haunted Mansion. The original 1999 CD was a 13-track limited edition of only 999 copies, all sold out within two hours at Disneyland's special event for the Haunted Mansion's 30th anniversary. It featured a green disc showing the 13 hour clock face, a 5-page artwork insert, and an extra 1-page insert featuring autographs of Buddy Baker and X. Atencio, the men who wrote Grim Grinning Ghosts.

The second edition, also from 1999, immediately followed but without the 13th track. It featured a gold disc, the same 5-page artwork insert, but no 1-page extra insert with the autographs.

The third edition from 1999 featured a standard silver disc, also had the same 12 tracks as the second edition, had a simpler two page foldout artwork insert (same second edition front picture with different wording; the back cover was slightly re-arranged), and no 1-page extra insert with the autograph.

A 2006 version (fourth edition) with 11 tracks was released without the Phantom Manor track, but added a Disneyland 10th Anniversary cut. Walt Disney's Welcome is missing. It has a cover featuring the gate plaque on the brick columns outside of the Haunted Mansion.

Track ListingEdit

1999 Track Listing:

  1. "Walt Disney"
  2. "Welcome"
  3. "The Haunted Mansion Disneyland"
  4. "The Haunted Mansion Walt Disney World"
  5. "The Haunted Mansion Tokyo Disneyland"
  6. "Phantom Manor Disneyland Paris"
  7. "The Genius of Paul Frees"
  8. "Otherworldly Music"
  9. "Three Ghostly Voices"
  10. "Eerie Music and Sound Effects from The Haunted Mansion"
  11. "Original Radio Advertisements"
  12. "Breakdown and Unload Spiels"
  13. "Buddy Baker Experiments"*
  • "Buddy Baker Experiments (Backwards Flute and Bones)" track was only found on the limited edition of 999 copies.

2006 Track Listing:

  1. "Disneyland's 10th Anniversary (Haunted Mansion Excerpt)"
  2. "Ghostly Welcomes"
  3. "The Haunted Mansion"
  4. "Ghostly Additions from Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom"
  5. "A Ghost Host in Japanese from Tokyo Disneyland"
  6. "The Genius of Paul Frees"
  7. "Otherworldly Music - Performed by Gaylord Carter"
  8. "Three Ghostly Voices"
  9. "Creaking Doors and Creaking Floors (Sound Effects)"
  10. "Radio Spots"
  11. "Exit Spiels"


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