The Haunted Mansion Complete Film Score

The Haunted Mansion: The Complete Film Score is the official soundtrack to the 2003 Haunted Manisoni film, released through composer Mark Mancina’s website.

Track ListingEdit

Compact Disc I:

  1. Disney Logo / Opening Title
  2. Take Off For The Weekend
  3. Whacking A Spider
  4. Phone Call
  5. Drive To The Mansion
  6. Can't Get In
  7. Gates Open
  8. Dead People In The Backyard
  9. Entering The House
  10. Meeting Edward Grace
  11. This House Haunts Me
  12. No Leaving Tonight
  13. Ramsley Scare
  14. To The Study
  15. Confiding In Mr. Events
  16. Secret Passageway
  17. Ghost Ball / Chasing Emma
  18. Jim In The Passageway
  19. So Many Memories
  20. Following Ghostball
  21. Against My Better Judgement
  22. Emma Tells Kids The Story

Compact Disc II:

  1. Ramsley's Coming
  2. Meeting Leota
  3. Spinning Table / Chased By A Marching Band
  4. Dad, We Have A Problem
  5. Jim Finds Out What Ed Wants
  6. My Way
  7. Wedding Dress
  8. Passage To The Dead
  9. Entering The Passage
  10. Sarcophagus Reveal
  11. The Crypt Part 1
  12. The Crypt Part 2
  13. Spiders
  14. You Got The Key
  15. Taking Leota
  16. Don't You Remember?
  17. The Trunk Letter / Jim & Ramsley Fight
  18. Jim Locked Out 1A
  19. Jim Locked Out 1B
  20. Jim Locked Out / Ramsley Threatens The Kids Part 2
  21. Never Fail
  22. Try Again / Rescue / Sara Runs To Jim
  23. Get Away From Her
  24. Sara Passes Out / Going To Heaven / Vacation At Last
  25. When The Saints Go Marching In

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