The Witch Bone is a Spine Chilling Story and a chapter of Tales from The Haunted Mansion: The Fearsome Foursome.


After the story of lefty, It's time for Miss Willa's story. With a Tearful look, Willa explains the Charm of chubs. The Ghost story began with the Funeral of chubs. Both Willa and Billy are Mourning for their pet. That night,Willa's Mom talks about the pet. During a Slumber Party Her Mom did For Willa, Willa's friends talk about Girly Girl Gossip, Romance, Manicures and Pedicures while chubs is rotting. When they tell ghost stories and grant wishes (Willa's friends wished they want to go to Tokyo, Japan and all Willa wants is her Dearly Departed pet back.) Willa heard something creepy. She heard something creepy. It was chubs rising from the grave. Willa was Crying, along with Her friends. But it turns out billy was crying too, and it turns out Willa wants all of Her Undead pets back.


This is the first time Willa is Crying, along with the others.

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