The Toy Room is a room equipped for children to play in The Haunted Mansion (Video Game). Zeke gets shrunk down and he now has to balance on a ball all the way to the light switch.

Description Edit

Inside, finish some Evil Spirits and a couple of Skeleton Warriors. Use ultra shots to clear some ghosts and damage the skeleton, the rest is easy. A Fortune Card on the left, floating above the chair. A Bravery Tonic on the right corner. Activate the chalkboard to get a Mumbo Doll. Next to the door is a time capsule (old steel box) contains blocks of a kid's toy. Activate it and all Zeke has to do is find the light switch and activate it in order to get back into the real mansion. Zeke has to go slowly and use good use of the jump button. A Fortune Card is on your left on top of the yellow 'Brick'. Zeke doesn't have to roll, jump to it. Jump to the blue one on the opposite and follow the platform to get a Fortune Card. Zeke may have seen the floating platforms on the other side, that's where he needs to go to. Now, get across the platform to the left, across the rolling platform and get the deck of cards. Get attention on the pile of 'bricks' in front of Zeke, because he needs to crash it down. Get down use the red 'brick' to get to the blue platform and touch the pile, causing it to crash all around the floor. Get the Fortune Card. Go across the blue platform to get to the opposite area and get down to the green platform that moves in a circle to get a Fortune Card. Get to the turquoise block wait for the other blue moving platform. Jump from one platform to other ones and finally to the red platform, then turn on the switch. A toy piano, a cabinent, and a sofa all have hidden spirits, collect them and get a fragment.

Description Edit

Bonnet Ghost Edit

The lady is an aunt-like ghost trying to treat Zeke like a child during their first interaction and asks why he isn't wearing the sweater she made him. On the last interaction, she claims to have made him his favorite, a cheesy casserole and laughs saying she need he would enjoy it.

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