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HM Phineas
The Traveler Hitchhiking Ghost is one of the ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion.


The Traveler is rotund, and (in some of his incarnations) slightly hunchbacked ghost. He wears a coat and a top hat, and carries around a carpetbag. 

In the rideEdit

The Traveler is seen along with the other two Hitchhiking Ghosts (the Skeleton and the Prisoner) at the end of the ride, in the Crypt, where they try to hitch a ride out of the mansion with the guests, intending (according to the Ghost Host) to "haunt them until they return". Likewise like his two partners, the Traveler is seen one last time sitting in one of the Doombuggies in the mirrors.


  • In an unpublished story for the Slave Labor Graphics comic, he is given the name of Dr. Phineas Q. Hackenbush, and depicted as a former traveling quack and so-called doctor. Possibly inspired by the SLG interpretation, In the mobile game Disney Crossy Road, he is given the name Professor Phineas Plump, which implies a similar backstory.

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