Scrooge MacDuck

aka Scrooge McDuck

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  • I live in Duckburg (Calisota)
  • I was born on May 11
  • My occupation is Richest duck in the world
  • I am drake
  • Scrooge MacDuck

    From the Hatbox Ghost's point of view:

    Where am I ? It's dark here… Darker than usual ! Normally, we have at least enough light to see the doombuggies… I see nothing but black… Let's make a few steps…

    Oops ! Ouch !

    @#$*€£`% Constancesque junk ! Why has she got to put all that in the middle of my way ! Am I alright ? I hope I haven't broken my nose again… My… MY NOSE ! MY FACE ! I can't touch them ?!? I suppose my head's in the hatbox, then… Let's see if I can glow a bit to lighten things up… The hatbox ? SOMEONE STOLE MY HATBOX WITH MY FACE IN IT !…

    That's very rude.

    From Mr Anybody Uninteresting Random's point of view:

    Brrr… Enough of this sc-sc-scary stuff… 'hope it will soon starts to sing again, this Co-Co-Constance is cr-c-reep… YIIIIIIIIIK…

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