The first painting In the Portrait Hallway at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris is that of a woman laying on a couch that changes into a wild cat. The portrait began as a piece of Marc Davis concept art that depicted the painting of a woman reclining on a couch turning into a complete black panther.


Disneyland Edit

When the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland opened, the first portrait in line in the Portrait Hallway was that of a young woman dressed in white holding a rose laying on a couch. When lightning would flash, the painting would rapidly change in sync with the lightning. The woman's upper half would change into a black panther. When the effect changed into the slow morph, the black panther transformation was kept the same. In 2005 the Portrait Corridor's effect was changed from a slow morph to a ghostly image being cast on to the painting by the outside lightning. Due to the way the effect is achieved, the original image now had to be darker and the scary image had to be lighter. The clothing on the woman was changed to black and instead of a black panther, she now changes into a snarling white tiger.

Walt Disney World Edit

During the 2007 renovation to the Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion, the Sinister 11 was replaced with a gallery of images that changed with the lightning, similar to the Portrait Hallway at Disneyland. The Cat Lady portrait was added at this time, and like at Disneyland, she changes into a white tiger.

Disneyland Paris Edit

In the Portrait Hallway scene at Phantom Manor, the original portrait of the woman in white is still hanging on the wall, and like her original incarnation at Disneyland, her upper half slowly transforms into a black panther.

Other Appearances Edit

  • In the Haunted Mansion movie, as Jim Evers walks down the movie version of the Portrait Hallway, he passes the portrait of a young woman on a couch that transforms into an orange tiger.
  • In the Marvel comics, the Cat Lady transforms into a black panther and chases Danny around the Mansion, as she is with the Captain.

In the Disney Crossy Road app for mobile devices, the Cat Lady is a secret, unlockable character that you can play as. Just like in the ride, when lightning flashes she changes into a white tiger.

Gallery Edit


The Panther Lady as she originally appeared (and still appears at Disneyland Paris).

The Tiger Lady in The Haunted Mansion (2003)


Marc Davis concept art for the Panther Lady

The Cat Lady on Disney Crossy Road.

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