The Winter Garden is a conservatory devoted to the cultivation of winter-blooming plants in The Haunted Mansion (Video Game). It is also among the dealiest of the rooms in the mansion as the ground will fall once it is stepped on.

Description Edit

In this room, Zeke must readjust four statues so the water that pours from their jugs goes into the drain. One thing to remember is not to turn on the fire until Zeke has completed turning all of the cranks! One complication is that the ground falls from below Zeke so he will have to do them in a certain order and on the way to each statue Zeke will have to run. To the right, there is stair to the light switch and a Bravery Tonic. Let's start with the first one on the right side. Once Zeke is on it, Evil Spirits will attack. Shoot them first, then to turn the crank until it clicks. Continue to the second one, easy, no enemies. Continue to the third one, easy, some Evil Spirits may show up though. Jump to the large platform and Zeke will meet one Giant spider. Just ignore it by jumping over it to reach the forth one. Zeke needs to move around to the right a little bit to reach a lower part of the statue. There is a Bravery Tonic next to it. Go back to the first one and to the stairs we go. Some Spiders are on the way, so just ignore them. Before the stairs there is another Giant Spider. Finish it. Now to the switch! All the fire is now back on its place, all the fallen platforms restored to its original place. Zeke is now free to explore. The spirits are in two vases without plants and one with plant urn so collect them and get a fragment. Next to the vase left side of the forth statue there is a Fortune Card. Top area of the forth statue there is another Fortune Card. Dead end alley, right corner side of entrance there is a deck of cards Fortune Cards. Center area of statues 1,2,and 3 there is a Fortune Card.

Friendly Ghosts Edit

Gardener's Ghost Edit

On the first interaction, the ghost is relieved that the flowers are dead, but is disappointed that nobody is alive to appreciate it. On the last interaction, he is complaining about how is told to tend the gardens but nobody is ever around to pay him for the work that he does.

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